What we stand for

Lawentus is a boutique law firm focusing on commercial law based in Hamburg. We are the right people for you if you don’t want off-the-shelf solutions, but rather tailor-made solutions.

Law is our craft. But it’s only that. Beyond offering this mere craft, we are sparring partners and think tanks for our clients. We see ourselves as legal consultants who ensure sustainable success and economic stability – even when the waves are running high.

What we do for you

We ensure that your company sails in safe waters. Whether you are just setting sail or are already on a great journey – we are there for start-ups as well as for established medium-sized companies and large corporations.

We don’t only think in legal categories, but look at your current situation in its entirety, to support you in charting the right course. Pragmatically, effectively and with a sense of proportion. Depending on your needs, we also co-operate with other consultants from your company.

Who we are

At Lawentus, even though we are almost all wearing blue jackets in the picture, we are very different characters. That is intentional. We like to hire people who live a full and interesting life outside the office. Who have something to say and who cultivate their idiosyncrasies. Our team already includes racing cyclists and hobby chefs, philosophers and classic car enthusiasts. This individuality creates an exciting community in which everyone makes their own unique contribution to the overall Lawentus product.

We put together individual teams of specialists for each of your challenges – depending on what the task requires. In doing so, everyone in the team contributes their expertise and personality.

What you can expect from us as an employer

Very important: reasonable working hours and fair pay.

We believe that there is also a life outside the office. We expect the highest professional qualifications and a pragmatic way of working, but above all we are looking for people with exciting interests and passions that inspire us. There has to be room for that!

We enjoy opening doors for employees. Training them and helping them to grow into individual legal personalities. Because we thrive on the interaction of different skills and characters – this is the only way we can build an interesting and high-performing crew. We are open to the world – and are happy to have as diverse a team as possible!